Real Estate Services in Jamestown


We  are a family owned and operated Real Estate Service in Jamestown. Specializing in Estate Sale company that provides  families a compassionate way to liquidate their personal belongings.

Are you faced with the task of emptying a home full of personal property? 

Every  home is filled with treasures and they often represent a lifetime of  acquisition and stories. At Forbis Finds, we appreciate and value what  you have spent years to create. One thing is certain; each of us will  experience changes and transitions in our lifetime. We offer estate sale  services for homeowners throughout Triad area including personal  property sales to settle estates, marriage, divorce, living estate sales  for those moving to retirement or assisted living, moving sales for  transferred professionals, renovation sales for those who just want to  start anew. Life can be complicated enough but trying to navigate any  one of these transitions alone and can be stressful at best.

We understand the emotional challenges in dealing with life changes and strive to make this process a stress free experience.  

If  you are looking for a high quality and personal service, you’ve come to  the right place. Our knowledgeable staff will take care of every detail  of your from valuing your property, to pricing and staging a sale, to  advertising it and finally holding the sale we leave nothing to chance.

It is our privilege to provide personalized services to suit your situation and location.
We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that. Real Estate Services in Jamestown

Bella Forbis, Owner


​Bella  is originally from Connecticut, but is no stranger to the Carolina's  having had family down here for her entire life and living here for many  years.  Bella first ventured into the real estate world in 2000 owning  several investment properties.  Her attention to detail and business  sense are what has served to make her successful in almost every  endeavor that she has undertaken.

Bella has extensive experience  in the finance and banking worlds, bringing even more benefits to the  table in terms of real estate.  She has plenty of elbow grease and  doesn’t mind rolling her sleeves up and jumping in to make sure that the  job gets done right and on time.  She was hands-on involved with the  rehabs that she has done in the past with her properties.

We started off cleaning up foreclosed properties for some friends in real estate and evolved from there.

Gary Forbis, Co-Owner

Gary was born and raised in the Triad Area. Gary  grew up in a family of pickers, he has continued his love of finding  "things". Antiquing is a passion that never fades and it led to him  becoming a show dealer, selling online, attending auctions.

Estate Sales were just the next logical progression.

Now he takes pride in helping others find a home for those things they lovingly acquired over the years. 

25 Years experience as a mall owner and dealer, show dealer, and online dealer.

Gary is also a licensed home inspector.